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Inuman Session 4 Assignment

Beating the Heat!

Our company went on a refreshing summer outing this 2016. Last April 19 and 20, we went to Ocean View Beach Resort at Subic Bay to beat the heat of summer.

We we’re so excited when we left the company’s premises, on board 3 tripping vehicles and some private vehicles en route to the resort.

After almost 4 hours of travel, we reached our first stop (at JEST Camp) to have our lunch first. The resort told us that we should checked in at 2PM but it is still almost 12NN when we arrived at JEST Camp.

DRIVENites waiting for their food stub

Before waiting for the food, of course there will always be a group picture.

And finally, it’s Lunch tiiiime!

After having our lunch, it’s time for us to leave and go to our next destination. After just half an hour, we finally reached the resort. We we’re given a room assignment and every room has their room leaders that will monitor everything and give details to their room mates. So after knowing our room assignments, we set up our things and took a short nap.

We called all DRIVENites to participate on our next activity. Of course group picture first and our “wholesome” games 😉

Games! Games! Games!

They had fun and enjoyed the games that we prepared for them. There were no overall winner because it is only for fun, but every team had their prizes 🙂

Everyone still had their energy for free time. It’s like they drink a lot of energy drink before going to this place. Played Frisbee, volleyball, and swim for an hour.

We were all hungry because of the activities and games we played, and finally, we had our dinner at 7PM. After dinner, we were given a choice (a) to stay in our rooms, have our rest or free time, or (b) go back to our cottage and have our “inuman” session, hehe.

“Inuman” session

We shared our laughs, sadness, and even stories of love and journey. It was a fun and interesting night that we ended our session two hours before the sun rises 🙂 isn’t it fun? 😀

For our last day at the beach, some of us still woke up early to really make the summer worth it. We still have time for Island hopping, Banana Boat, and a little bit of photo shoot, hehe 😉

Island Hopping

Banana Boat

“Photo shoot”

Time for our departure. We have to say goodbye to this wonderful place. We will surely have another awesome experience next year 🙂

If you want to have an amazing and exciting vacation like this, JOIN US NOW! and we will see you on our next adventure.

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