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Veneto Al Mondo Libro Critical Thinking

The spaces of the School for Curatorial Studies are continuously used as a stimulating ground for the creativity and cultural potentialities of our students. A practice that offers the possibility to expand the knowledge and develop competences related to creation and realization of temporary exhibitions.The A plus A gallery located  in the centre of Venice is an ideal place to develop the final project of the Curatorial School.

2017 — How Much is Too Much.
In a society that is constantly looking for more, we often find ourselves thinking, how much is too much? Confronted with excess, our instinctive reaction is to organize and compartmentalize our thoughts and experiences. On the one hand, this can serve as an effective coping mechanism to deal with topics we are not ready to address. On the other, it can function as a form of denial or stigmatization. We accumulate and expel, putting things aside to deal with them later, but more often than not we forget what we have put away in the first place.

Artists: Amelia Crouch (UK) | Oliver Czarnetta (GER) | Sam Ekwurtzel (USA) | Daniel Faust (USA) | Benjamin Hirte (AT) | Paloma Muñoz & Walter Martin (USA) | Giles Round (UK) | Vanessa Safavi (CH) | Aki Sasamoto (JAP) More info

2017 — Command-Alternative-Escape
COMMAND-ALTERNATIVE-ESCAPE is an exhibition project that will take place at the end of the 24th Course in Curatorial Practice in Venice. The students of the school have been reflecting on an ongoing issue: the echo chambers phenomenon. This debate has highlighted how, despite the internet having been conceived with the clear intent of democratising information to make it accessible to everyone, it has often led to the opposite effect. The exponential spread of news has led to the creation of so-called “filter bubbles”; thinking categories that represent a personal and specific comfort zone, within which each individual keeps his or her belief system intact. This premise has been fundamental to the central theme of the project: to investigate the dichotomy between freedom and security, analysed across different aspects of everyday life. This topic has been the subject of philosophical debates for centuries, but its social and political implications prove its current relevance: what is it that makes us feel free, and what, on the other hand, makes us feel secure? Where is the distinction between the definition of freedom and that of security?

2016 — Good Night, and Good Luck
Second project of the Summer School
The exhibition “Good night, and Good Luck” recalls Murrow’s quote six decades later – in a historical time in which alienation and freedom of expression have once again become subjects of debate. In a period when digital connectivity and image circulation turned out to assume a central place in our societies, it addresses the hidden processes that undergo what is often “given to be seen” within the contemporary con icts. It is a matter of questioning the invisible aspects that rule this increasingly visual reality, and by doing so, groping paths that could possibly allow us to leave the condition of lethargic spectators to become real political actors. Press Release

2016 — From the city.
The aim of the project is to create a reflection around art and its sense of community, creating a link between the arts and the contemporary city. In fact, Venice seems the perfect backdrop for this project, perceived by people in two different ways: on one hand for the collective consciousness, Venice always looks the same, as lost in the past in its defined structures, on the other hand during the last few decades, the city has been changed drastically by economic and social dynamics. The urban pattern and traditional architecture change their original role: private houses, churches, shops, historical buildings and squares become places with different functions. Press release: From the city

2015 — First Summer School project
Simphony of Hunger, digesting Fluxus in four movements is inspired by a notable selection of works from the Fondazione Bonotto collection, the show feeds an appetite for candid action and fosters a relation to bodily presence through a composition of pieces by established and emerging artists. Considering themes of desire, taste, digestion, and waste, the exhibition used an experimental curatorial model to orchestrate an organic exploration of corporal, sociopolitical, and aesthetic hungers. Press release

2015 — The Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market in Venice
At the opening of the 56th Venice Art Biennale (5 – 8 May 2015) the students of the 22nd edition of the course organised together with the curator Tommaso Speretta The Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market in Venice. The Flea Market was organised in collaboration with the American artist Rob Pruitt and the Gavin Brown Gallery from New York. At the Flea Market attended around 50 artists from all over the world who interacted with the local one. Press release & video

(Monopol Magazine 2015)

2014 — Place to Place
The word “place” swings between two different levels of meaning, between a general location and a more particular position, point or site, between the abstract and the real, just like the places explored and exhibited by the seven artists. The exhibition describes place as a kaleidoscope through which the artist and the spectator watch the surrounding reality, perceived as one of the many synonyms of Art. In fact, as Harold Rosem- berg said, since the 70s art has begun a gradual and relentless process of de-de nition; adapting itself to the changes made by 20th Century artists and becoming an inter-disciplinary eld and thus opening its boundaries to reality. place-to-place-catalogue.

2013 — ThisAge
Discomfort and loss of a society in a constant chance whereof we can not always capture the true connotation. This is the theme explored by the students of the 19th Course in Curatorial Practices and Contemporary Art in a group exhibition, through photographs, videos, installations, sound art interventions and interactive works. ThisAge attempted to express the discomfort of an era of economic uncertainty, wars and a rapidly changing society that inevitably affects our daily lives. A situation that becomes explicit in the work of the numerous artists who responded with a reflection on the ruthless and cruel reality that is often hostile.

2012 — B x H x Me
The exhibition B x H x Me, made by the 18th Program, was inspired by the romance “Flatlandia” of Edwin Abbott. It developed a consideration on what the exhibitive spaces meant as the dynamic place where various story-lines interact amplifying its contents and multiplying its dimensions. It is a place where the borderline between perception and abstraction becomes uncertain, permitting the young artists to slip between reality and utopia. Press release

2011 — Percettivo imperfetto
Percettivo Imperfetto” arises from the research focused on the theme of Nature and his per- ception with our senses. The human experience of interaction with what surround us, is far from giving us a unique interpretation, and is fragmented by the effect of unexpected elements: the knowledge that we have on the world is therefore always individual, and it assumes plenty of dif- ferent possible shades and gradations, all of them promoting a personal and “imperfect” vision of the universe, from which artistic representations gain inspirations. From this assumption , “na- ture” and our relation with it, is analysed and developed by a selection of young contemporary artists. The works presented in the exhibition are a possible path, aimed to represent this form of aesthetic’s perception. Press release

2011 — This Place
This Place is the title of the exhibition hosted in the windows of the bars of Santa Margherita in Venice, created by Marta Carboni; an initiative whose aim was to promote the artistic forms in the urban content. Press release

2011 — Construction 0.0 and Construction 0.1
Federica Sosta is the curator of Construction 0.0 and Construction 0.1, which were two Sunday appointments with the intention of creating a situation that combines free expression for the city of Venice and its inhabitants. It hosted cross-curricular projects, all connoted by the will of experimenting and researching new possibilities of expression.

2010 — Hotel International
The A plus A and the students of the 15th edition of our course organized an exhibition called AplusA – Hotel International with the participation of four young artists: Nebojsa Despotovic, Goran Gogic, Thomas Braida and Aleksander Veliscek. For the occasion the audience was launched into another reality, geographically neighbouring Italy: the area of the ex Jugoslavia, country of origin of the involved artists.

2010 — Bé
Bé is the symbol of the Baumé scale useful to measure the density of an aqueous solution in order to identify the percentage of salt present in a liquid. An introduction which useful to give its name to an exhibition which aims to “measurie” a generation of artists trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. The project has taken place at the Academy exhibition space.

2009 — Checkmate to the Queen
The new association 22:37 opened its curatorial pathway with the exhibition Checkmate to the Queen, cured by Zara Audiello, Marta Ferretti and Silvia Giorgetti with the artists Elvira Biatta, Rosaria Boemi, Chiara Fumai, Silvia Giambrone and Stefano Migliorati. Checkmate to the Queen proposed an observation about art and its rules, meant both as the personal language of the artist then as the pre-established norms that regulate the relationship between the artwork, the artist, the audience and the methodologies of production and consume of art.

2009 — ZLT
At the A plus A gallery it was set up the exhibition ZLT. Limited Traffic Zone cured by the 13th Program for Curators: a performing installation born from the comparison between the aspiring curators and four young artists: Andrea Cazzagon, Neil Barbisan, Nereo Marulli and Stefano Zatti. From this synergy they developed a project focused on maximum exploitation of the spaces of the art gallery. Through a transformation of the spaces, the audience could, with an illusionistic game, be overpowered by the nature of the edited spaces, and took on a role as protagonist.

2008 — Accade, Contemporary Mutation
During 2008 we witnessed the birth of the cultural association Attivarte (active art), made by a group of young curators who conceived and developed the project Accade 2008 – Contemporary Mutation. The educational offer has been enriched by the synergy between the Program for Curators and the Program for Communication of Artistic Events, a union which gave birth to the exhibition Di-Vision/Vision-Di.

2007 — Genius Loci
With the project Genius Loci – The secret gardens of Venice, the city was rediscovered and renewing itself. Frpm the 23rd of June to the 15th of July an exraordinary selection of the most wonderful private gardens of the city has bene opened to the people. Inside of the gardens a series of temporary exhibitions have been dipslayed. A selection of Italian and International artists made by the curatorial team was a very successful project which put in dialogue the visit of these marvellous Venetian sights and the work differente artists. Press release

2007 — V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
The collective exhibition V.I.T.R.I.O.L. cured in November 2007 by Roberta Gucci Cantarini collected artworks of international artists who used heterogeneous languages and media in order to bring under the spotlight some dynamics that restrain the lifestyle of contemporary men. Genius Loci – the secret gardens of Venice, is another successful project created by curators formed by the school. From the 23rd June to the 15th July 2007 Venice was given the opportunity to rediscover and renew itself through the opening of an extraordinary selection of the most beautiful private gardens of the city, enriched by the presence of temporary exhibitions made by sculptures and site-specific installations, realized by numerous Italian and international artists.

2007 — Accade
During Spring – from the 9th of March to the 31st of May – a group of students who became friends during our course, presented the first edition of the project Accade. The group of young curators – more than twenty people with different backgrounds and cultural experiences – organized an exhibition of contemporary art which involved ten private galleries of the city of Venice. The A plus A hosted the exhibition Decalogo 5, the seventh appointment of this pathway around the city of Venice.

2007 — Exercise of Style
Since the 10th edition, our Course has became increasingly enriched of laboratories where students could apply the notions learnt in the lectures on a practical level. Moreover, the 10th edition of the Program saw the encounter between the young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and the students of our school and they jointly organized the event Exercise of Style. This was a project realized to create a new relationship between young artists and curators in order to discover and promote the emerging talents of the territory, introducing new levers in the contemporary art circuit.

2005 — Transition Zones
Transition Zones was organized in 2005 as a conclusion of the first course structured by out school. The exhibition was the result of a debate on the theme of the individual and cultural identity in the contemporary society and invited young artists (with Anita Rubiku and Nico Vascellari) to express their personal perception of the item, through an interpretation of the spaces offered by the gallery. Press release

Margaret Mazzantini
Venuto al mondo (Twice Born)

A novel, Mondadori 2008, 530 pages
Premio Campiello 2009

Twice Born is a major motion picture directed by Sergio Castellitto, starring Penélope Cruz and Emile Hirsch

“Mazzantini’s haunting novel, beautifully written and skillfully crafted, proves that despite the hatred exposed by war, love persists, and even flourishes.”
Publishers Weekly (full review)

Twice Born is painted on a very broad canvas, a story that strikes universal chords.”
Irish Times (full article)

“Margaret Mazzantini writes books sold in hundreds of thousands of copies. Her new novel tells of a love in wartime… It is a book that flows as smoothly as a sigh.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (full review)

“Mazzantini’s depictions of love, maternal and romantic, are powerfully raw.”
Kirkus Review (full review)

“A book that honours the art of fiction.”

“Great, generous, full of life.”

An international bestseller, a sweeping portrait of motherhood, loss and redemption.

Haunted by memories of Sarajevo’s four-year siege, Gemma reluctantly boards a flight from her native Rome to the war-scarred city with her sixteen-year-old son, Pietro. She hopes to teach Pietro about the city of his birth—and also about Diego, the father he never knew. Once in Sarajevo, however, Gemma is caught between the present and the past, and in her mind relives her love affair with Diego, their determination to start a family, and their deep connection to Sarajevo even under the looming threat of war.
In this haunting and sophisticated novel, Mazzantini masterfully probes the startling emotional territory of what makes a family—in particular what it is to be a mother. As the fate of Sarajevo converges with Gemma’s all-consuming desire to have a child, we learn just how strong and driven she really is, especially as she endures an astonishing revelation that is both heartbreaking and cathartic.

Margaret Mazzantini was born in Dublin and lives in Rome with her husband and four children. She is the author of The Zinc Basin(1994), Manola (1999), Don’t Move (2001, Premio Strega 2002, Premio Grinzane-Cavour, European Zepter Prize as best european book), Zorro (2002), Twice Born (2008, Premio Campiello 2009), No One Survives Alone(2011), Morning See(2011, Premio Pavese, Premio Matteotti) and Splendor (2013). Many of her books have been successfully made into films by her husband, the actor and director Sergio Castellitto: Don’t Move starring Penélope Cruz in 2004, Twice Born withPenélope Cruz and Emile Hirsch in 2012, No One Survives Alone withRiccardo Scamarcio and Jasmine Trinca in 2015. Mazzantini is author of the screenplay of Castellitto’s latest movie Fortunata (2017) starring Jasmine Trinca, who has been awarded for her performance as Best Actress, in the section “Un certain regard” at the Cannes Film Festival.

Margaret Mazzantini’s website

Twice Born in the Italian besteller lists (.PDF, 1 MB)
A selection of Italian reviews (.zip format, 7.4 MB)
A selection of international reviews (.zip format, 5.4 MB)
Toronto International Film Festival 2012 – Press kit of the movie (.PDF, 500 KB)

Twice Born, the movie: a video-interview with Penélope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto

Twice Born, the movie trailer

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Foreign publishers of Margaret Mazzantini’s works

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