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Alexa Polidoro Lesson 8 Homework

Explore Chart, Language, and more!

Partir is a verb in Chapter 9. This chart helps us form the verb in a present tense.

This description and chart shows you how to use reflexive verbs in the present tense. In Chapter 12, there are some sample sentences with pictures to match.

In Chapter 7, we use the verb mettre. It means to put or to place. This chart shows you how to conjugate it in present tense.

French verbs conjugation | Conjugaison: verbes AVOIR et ÊTRE à tous les temps #learnfrench

Chapter 10 & 11 - This pin shows how to conjugate regular past particples.

Chapter tout is an adjective that is used to express "all" or "every". The picture explains how to use tout in singular, plural, masculine, and feminine tenses.

This description and chart shows you how to form a sentence using reflexive verbs in the passé composé. ere are more examples in Chapter 12, on page 413.

Дэвид исчез. Значит, приснилось, подумала Сьюзан и села в кровати. Комната в викторианском стиле, сплошь кружева и антиквариат - лучший гостиничный номер в «Стоун-Мэнор».

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