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Descriptive Essay About A Lake

Descriptive Essay on The Lake

There are several ways to express a single thought, and much more to describe a scene. There is, however, only one construction that could aptly deliver the image, emotion, or ambiance you have in mind. And there is more to it than merely finding the right words.

An elaborate and beautiful descriptive essay on the lake, for example, would not merely circle around on adjectives and adverbs that would best describe its physical aspects. It also embraces actions and names and weave them together in intricate harmony. Furthermore, it gives neither too much nor too little. It maintains balance in painting between the scene, the emotion and the action.

Value for Descriptions

Before pouring time and effort in writing and describing, evaluate first the thought. Know how important it is for the readers to behold the scene or feel the emotion. Is it something that contributes to the bigger point, statement or lesson? If the answer is no, then it’s not worth adding to the word count.

If you find it difficult to evaluate the importance of ideas, however, think of the descriptive essay on the lake as like a movie. Notice how fast scenes shift in action movies, and then how it suddenly slows down to emphasize a defining blow. Or how one scene, despite the absence of actions and lines, linger on the screen.

It may not be as obvious to you, but you think of things in almost the same manner. If your thoughts have immediately moved on from one detail to the next, then it means it’s not worth talking about. So don’t force yourself in rewinding back and describing every last detail of it. On the other hand, if your mind pauses and lingers, then it’s something worth putting in the words.

Value of Descriptions

In contrast to the above, important scenes and thoughts don’t always need paragraph-long descriptions. Like fashion, you don’t want to overcrowd yourself with layers of clothing, and stacks of accessories just to express who or what you are. Sometimes, things are best left said with only a short sentence or two.

There are techniques on how to write what would have been an entire paragraph into one concise sentence -- and without sacrificing the quality of the scene you draw on the readers’ minds. This will, however, depend on the style of the writer, because there is no one proper way of doing this. Writing, after all, despite being restricted within rule after rule, is still a form of art.

Apart from effective sentence constructions (which are learned under grammar), these two are everything you need to create award-winning descriptive essays. Following the example above, a descriptive essay on the lake can be written in the style of Terry Pratchett -- by drawing scenes with exaggeratedly hilarious analogies.

Or perhaps through the style of Rick Riordan, with the simplicity and straightforwardness of a teenager. There are more ways, of course, but apart from lots of practice and countless readings, research and continuous learning will help.

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