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Research Paper For Information Technology Students

This hub provides findings from the 2016 student study, part of the EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community research series. ECAR collaborated with 183 institutions to collect responses from 71,641 undergraduate students across 12 countries about their technology experiences. This study explores technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations as they relate to the student experience. Colleges and universities can use the results of this study to better engage students in the learning process, as well as improve IT services, increase technology-enabled productivity, prioritize strategic contributions of IT to higher education, plan for technology shifts that impact students, and become more technologically competitive among peer institutions.

Go to the ETRAC website to access data in the ETRAC Portal (2016 participants) or learn how your institution can administer the survey and gain access to data for your institution and peers.

Report and Supporting Materials

The ECAR student research is publicly available, and materials will be linked as they are published.

EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community

This research can catalyze conversations among IT professionals about how to better serve their constituents; among institutional leaders about how to use technology strategically; and among faculty and students about how to articulate their technology needs and expectations.

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Learn how Dell is providing institutions of higher learning with future ready solutions that inspire student-centered learning.


Interesting Research Paper Topics Related To Information Technology

Information technology is one of the most discussed issues at schools and colleges. It is also popular in social networking circles and many of the people who participate in these discussions are students. As a student and a young person you are bound to feel more at ease about the latest intervention and talk about how technology is so much different than what it used to be. So it is no surprise that many students choose information technology as their area of expertise when it comes to writing a research paper.

Selecting a more specific topic

There is quite a lot of information related to this field and in this digital age you can find almost anything on the internet. But simply choosing information technology is not enough, it is quite an extensive area of research and unless you decide to pursue something specific in information technology, your paper will have no value. You will have to select a topic that has not already been done to death. Take up something fresh and unexplored or something popular and then explore a different perspective that has not been thought before.

List of topics on information technology:

  • The challenges of setting up an e-commerce website and how to make it operate effectively.
  • The mechanism that ensure security to a person who is going to make transactions online.
  • How can you stop phishing completely? How do hackers use phishing to gain personal information?
  • How can users ensure privacy to their virtual life?
  • Technologies that can be implemented to create a digital library.
  • The effect on the lives of people due to globalization. How has things changed, now that we can order anything from the world over from the comforts of our home?
  • What is software assurance? Does it really work and how can you be sure about the authenticity of a program?
  • What is performance testing and how does it help?
  • How has artificial intelligence replaced most tasks that humans used to do?
  • Patterns used in the development of software architecture.
  • What is IP telephony and what are its major functions.
  • How does spy ware pose security threats to a system? How can you remove it from your system or even know that they are there.
  • How to develop a free tool that will detect the plagiarism of a content.

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