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Pol 110 Week 3 Assignment Template

Politics - Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowIn recent events the United States of America has been in a constant state of flux. It seemsas if the entire nation has lost its mind and has no inclination as to where it should begin looking to find it. The nation has turned into a group of cry baby liberals who doesn’t know whether to riot in the streets because it doesn’t like the way that the police has to do their jobs or whether to protest over the right to invade the privacy of young girls in public restrooms. This is exactly the two main topics I want to discuss the current invasion of privacy issue dealing with public restrooms and public outcry over police actions.To start with the most complex and understandable issue the police. The police have for decades been a point of controversy and not entirely without grounds. There have been several instances of proven police brutality especially when dealing with minority communities, but this doesn’t give every drug dealing thug who just robbed a liquor store at gunpoint the right to scream police brutality when they have to throw him to the ground for resisting arrest. Individuals are severely lucky that they even get arrested, because an armed fleeing suspect who has already committed an act of violence is just one of the easy justifications for use of deadly force. However, most cops don’t start off their day saying they want to go shoot a black kid or a Puerto Rican kid or anyone else for that matter. You may wonder how I know this, because I am a cop and have been for the past nearly 11 years in both the military and civilian sectors.Thankfully for all of my years in the civilian sector I have never had to fire my weapon, I have had to draw it a few times, but thankfully I’ve never had to take the life of an American. I

WEEK 3: JOURNALIZING AND POSTING GENERAL JOURNALPage1DateDescripTonPost RefDebitCredit1201512NOV3 Cash10150,000 23J. Jones, Capital30150,000 34Investment by Owner45565 Computer Equipment1412,000 67Cash1012,000 78Issue Check #1001 - Digital Warehouse, Inc89Purchase Computer Equipment91010116 Rent Expense5111,000 1112Prepaid Rent1372,000 1213Cash1013,000 1314Issue Check #1002 - Property, Inc1415Paid Nov, Dec & Jan Rent Expense1516161710 Ofce Furniture1433,500 1718Cash1013,500 1819Issue Check #1003 - Furniture Depot1920Purchase Ofce Furniture2021212211 Computer Equipment1414,000 2223Accounts Payable2014,000 2324Net 90 Days - Invoice #79642425Purchase Computer Equipment on Account2526262714 Cash1011,200 2728Fees Income4011,200 2829Per±orm Services - Cash Client2930303117 Accounts Receivable1113,000 3132Fees Income4013,000 3233Net 30 Days - Invoice #1013334Per±orm Services on Account - Speedy Freight3435353619 U²li²es Expense514500 3637Cash101500 3738Issue Check #1004 - State Power Co.; Nov U²li²es3839394020 Cash1016,000 4041Fees Income4016,000 4142

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