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Case Study Essay On Child Development

Child Development Case Study

The Campbell Child and Family Center (CCFC)is a high-quality early childhood education program in Durango, Colorado. The CCFC uses the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood, which incorporates Jean Piaget’s work on cognitive development to establish developmentally appropriate learning programs for preschool children. I observed N for approximately 20 hours at the CCFC where he has been a student since November 2012. N is almost four years old and lives with his mom, dad, and older brother. N attends the Lightning Bugs structured preschool program with 14 other students. The adult-child ratio of the Lightning Bugs room is 1:8.
Literature Review
During early childhood or the preschool years, cognitive skills develop rapidly, enabling children to emerge from total dependence on caregivers to become part of the expansive world outside the family (Rathus, 2011). Cognitive development refers to the continuous growth of perception, memory, imagination, conception, judgment, and reason. Cognitive development involves the mental activities of comprehending information and the processes of acquiring, organizing, remembering, and using knowledge (Rathus, 2011). According to Piaget’s (1964) stage theory, the development of knowledge is a spontaneous process linked to the development of the body, nervous system and mental functions. To comprehend the development of knowledge, we begin with the idea of operation, which is to incorporate a concept, value, or scheme into part of ones mental structure. In other words, the developing child builds cognitive structures or networked concepts for understanding and responding to physical objects and experiences within his or her environment. The interaction between the child and his or her physical and social environment facilitates the development of schemes or rules for understanding reality (Piaget, 1964).
Piaget’s (1964) stage theory of cognitive development includes four stages of development: sensorimotor stage (ages 0-2 years), preoperational stage (ages 2-7 years), concrete operational stage (ages 7-11 years), and formal operational stage (ages 12 and over). As humans progress through these stages, their schemes expand, becoming more flexible and inclusive. Piaget (1964) sets forth four factors that explain the progression from one stage of development to another: maturation (biological and neurological development over time), experience (exposure to physical reality and the effects of modifying physical objects), social transmission (receiving valuable information via linguistic or educational transmission), and equilibration (self-regulation).
Preoperational children are still unable to think in a truly logical fashion. According to Piaget (1964), the preoperational child may have difficulty with classification of objects because he or she is unable to understand the division of a parent class into subclasses. The difficulty in understanding classifications may be because subclasses...

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Child Psych Case Study

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Child Behavioral Case Study Essay

501 Words3 Pages

Child Behavioral Case Study

1) General Information:
Student name: Larry
Date of Testing:
Grade: 1
Date of Birth:
Chronological Age:

2) Reason for Assessment: is currently having difficulties with learning and behavior. frequently is out of his throughout the day, and answers aloud before being called on to give the answers and struggles to follow directions. also has learning difficulties in reading decoding and reading comprehension.
3) Background Information: lives with is grandparents, parents and one younger sister. Grandparents speak Spanish. Parents and children speak Spanish and English. had been ill frequently during first grade and missed a number of days of school. Parents indicated enjoys school.…show more content…

Percentile Rank: 63 Standard Score: 11
2) Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement is norm based that test oral language skill through word identification, reading fluency, story recall, and understanding directions.
Percentile Rank Standard Score Oral Language 7 78 (73-82) Letter-Word Identification 8 79 (72-82) Reading Fluency 10 8 (77-84) Story Recall 44 98(87-108) Understanding Directions 3 72(69-76)

3) Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is comprehensive form which test mathematics applications, reading decoding, spelling, reading comprehension, mathematics computation
Percentile Rank Standard score Mathematics applications 30 92 Reading Decoding 1 66 Spelling 27 91 Reading comprehension 14 84 Mathematics computation 53 101 Reading Composites 3 72 Mathematics Composites 39 96 Battery Composites 14 84

7) Student Current Characteristics Strengths and Needs:
Weakness Strengths
Overactive and restless Very friendly with classmates and peers/ good social skills
Poor listening skills Good

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