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Vlogbrothers Art Assignment For 3rd

Sarah Green (née Urist) is an American art museumcurator and the host of the PBS program The Art Assignment.

Early life and education[edit]

Green is originally from Washington, D.C., and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.[1] She received a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University,[2] and a master's degree in art history from Columbia University.[3][4]


Green worked as a curator for the Indianapolis Museum of Art from 2007 until leaving in 2013.[5] While there, she curated exhibitions such as "Andy Warhol Enterprises" and "Graphite", and also commissioned numerous works for the museum.[6] On February 20, 2014, Green and her husband launched "The Art Assignment"—a PBS online program in which artists encourage viewers to imitate their creative exercises.[1][5] Green has also been a juror for the 3D category of the ArtPrize competition, as well as ArtPrize's Pitch Night event.[7][8]

Personal life[edit]

Urist met John Green when they both attended the same preparatory school in Indian Springs, Alabama.[4] They became reacquainted eight years later in Chicago, when John Green began dating Urist's boxing partner; after they broke up, he became friends with Urist.[3] Urist became engaged to Green on April 22, 2005,[4] and the two married on May 21, 2006.[9] They have two children: Henry and Alice.[3] In his videos, John Green often refers to his wife as the "yeti", because she was talked about frequently in his videos but, by her own request, was not shown on camera during them.[3][10]


External links[edit]

In Vlogbrothers videos, John Green often refers to his wife Sarah Urist Green as ‘The Yeti’, since she almost never appears on camera. Sarah may be a stranger to Vlogbrothers fans, but she now has a YouTube channel of her own. She is the host of The Art Assignment, a new series on the PBS Digital Studios multi-channel network that provides artistic challenges to YouTube viewers.

The Art Assignment draws from Urist Green’s experience as the former curator of contemporary art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. In each episode, she will meet up with a specific artist, who will complete some sort of challenge related to his or her craft. Viewers are then asked to perform the same challenge and share their results on Twitter under the #TheArtAssignment hashtag.

John Green serves as the channel’s executive producer and uses his influence to attract fans. He also appears in the first episode, serving as the dope who needs his wife to explain how a physical journey could be considered art.

The Art Assignment is the latest addition to the extended Green family’s growing YouTube empire, which includes channels like Vlogbrothers, Mental Floss, and Hank Games. It’s also another hit for PBS Digital Studios, which is on a roll right now.

Judging by YouTube comments and properly-hashtagged tweets, several viewers are already planning their ‘meet in the middle‘ journeys just hours after the debut episode’s release. Expect the level of fan engagement to trend even higher as new episodes come out each Thursday.

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