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Foreign Policy Analysis Topics For Essays

US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topics

In the latter half of the last century in particular, US foreign policy developed at pace, with the US electing to involve itself in events far across the world as a means of maintaining its position as one of the key ‘superpowers’ in the world today. To discuss US foreign policy in your dissertation, you could research one of the following politics dissertation topics.

• In its foreign policy, the US has often talked about as ‘policing the rest of the world’: how could such terminology be construed as mere bullying?
• Are the actions of the US in its international relations with other nations always legitimate under international law?
• How, through the developing relationships of other countries, could the US be said to have overstepped its powers?
• The relationship between the United Nations and the US is increasingly ambivalent: to what extent do the actions of the US undermine the role of the United Nations?
• How does the development of nuclear power in China and other Asian countries serve to reflect the negative aspects of US foreign policy?
• Why does the growth of China as an economic power serve to threaten the US?
• Who actually controls US foreign policy?
• In recent years, why has US foreign policy bordered on bullying?
• What is the most significant potential threat to US foreign policy? How is this likely to change US foreign policy?
• US foreign policy has traditionally been one of liberal internationalism. In an unstable world of rapidly shifting alliances, how can liberal internationalism continue to guide US foreign policy?
• Will the current building of the wall on the border of the US with Mexico have detrimental consequences for the global economy?
• What does the increasing geopolitical power and influence of Russia mean for the future direction of US foreign policy?
• How is the US likely to approach Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union?
• What does its current lack of strategy in foreign policy mean for the US?

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