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F662 Coursework Guidance Counseling

Examples of Acceptable Graduate Courses for School Counseling

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A List Courses that Must Be Completed at A College Approved to Prepare Individuals for School Counselor

  • Counseling Theory and Practice
  • World of the Counselor
  • Techniques of Counseling the Elementary School Child
  • Group Counseling & Practice
  • Core Course in Guidance
  • Individual Testing
  • Diagnostic Tools for Measurement
  • The Counselor as a Team Member
  • World of Work
  • Career Development/Guidance
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Community Resources & Relationships
  • Occupational Information & Vocational
  • Development in Elementary School
  • Drop Out Identification & Counseling
  • Counseling Issues for Effective Parenting
  • Counseling the Abused & Neglected Child
  • Organization & Administration of the
  • Guidance/Pupil Personnel Service Prog.
  • Supervision of Counseling
  • Computer Applications in Guidance

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A List of Courses that Must Be Completed at A College Approved to Prepare Individuals for Teaching, Administrative/Supervisory or Pupil Personnel Certification

  • Strategies for Preventing Conflict & Violence
  • Teaching Students to Get Along
  • Keys to Motivation
  • School and Community
  • Sex Education
  • Orientation to Schools
  • School Law
  • Implementation of PL #94-152 (Special Education)
  • Mainstreaming
  • Educational Psychology
  • Statistical Methods in Education

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A List of Courses that Can be Completed at any Accredited College

  • Group Dynamics
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Child/Adolescent Psychology
  • Nature & Needs of the Gifted
  • Psychology of the Handicapped
  • Abnormal Psychology/Psychopathology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Mental Hygiene/Health
  • Drugs, Alcohol, & Smoking
  • AIDS Education & Human Sexuality
  • Marriage & Family
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Death & Dying
  • Sex Equity
  • Approaches to Homosexuality
  • Youth Culture & the Urban Setting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Urban & Rural Problems
  • The Disadvantaged Child
  • Race & Minority Groups
  • Cultural Heritage of Immigrant & Minority Groups
  • African-American Contributors to Society

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To learn what types of courses are part of a major in School Counseling, you may wish to review the course catalogs of New York State colleges that have programs which lead to teacher certification in Agricultural. A list of these colleges can be found by using the Inventory of Registered Programs .

Last Updated: August 7, 2017

The following courses are designed for school counseling students and/or practicing school counselors and can be taken for graduate degree-applicable and/or continuing education credit. 

If you are a practicing school counselor and have questions about the type of credit you need for licensure renewal, please contact Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for advising.

  • SCED 550 Clinical Issues for School Counseling
    Description: Click course title above
    Offered: Spring and summer
    2 semester hours
  • SCED 565 College Planning to Promote Equity and Access for All
    Description: Click course title above
    Offered: Spring
    1 semester hour
  • SCED 598 Motivational Strategies for School Counselors  Introduces students to a variety of strategies school counselors can utilize to enhance students’ intrinsic motivation to change and achieve in the academic, personal, social, and career domains.
    Offered: Spring
    1 semester hour
  • SCED 598 Advocacy in the Latino Community and Introduction to Spanish Language
    This course will focus on diversity within the Latino community in Oregon and the social and political factors impacting the educational experiences of Latino youth and families in our public school system. It will also address exploration of our own linguistic identities and our roles as we engage with this population. The course will also offer an introduction to basic Spanish language, specific to the educational setting.
    Offered: Summer
    1 semester hour

To find out when these courses are being offered please check our Course Schedule (also called Webadvisor).

How to register:
Contact the School Counseling program to find out how to register as a Special Student for these courses (see contact information on the right).

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