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Gen Y In The Workforce Case Study Analysis Template

Application Case 2-1 (Gen Y Rocks the Business World) Essay

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Application Case 2-1 (Gen Y Rocks the Business World)

Question 1: What will organizations have to do to adapt to the influx of needed Generation Y individuals? ANSWER: In fulfilling the demands of technology and to avoid a clash of culture in organization, an adequate knowledge, skills and competencies in various areas by the individual is important. In spite of the influx of workers from different generations as the ‘baby boomers’, Generation X, Generation Y and some of Generation Z in the organization, there arose a great challenge for the management of the organization to put equal importance while dealing with globalization issues. This includes matters relating to the determination of the scope and means of suitable work in…show more content…

Look and try to understand at the way they work, the way they think and examine their positive and negative actions direct or indirectly. This is important to determine the best approaches that can be taken towards them to ensure that they can deliver the best to the organization. In addition, the management should regularly communicate with these people, asking for their opinions and respond to the recommendations or their dissatisfaction. By this, Generation Y individuals
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will felt that the company is concerned about their welfare and in return they will serve better for the company. In line of understanding their behavior, the organization will need to learn how to blend the workplace and the life-place to stay connected to this borderless Generation Y group by offering flexible work schedules, the option of telecommuting, and exchanges with other offices around the world. Instead of just stressing higher salaries, the organization could highlight the opportunity for flexible hours, the chance to work from home, and a relaxation in the dress code. 2. Broad and sufficient knowledge, high competencies and good interpersonal skills are needed by Generation Y individuals. This is important for the development of the careers to ensure that they are ready to be promoted, take on greater responsibility, or at least ready for job rotation within organizations. Therefore, in the long-term, organization need to borne the responsibility in providing

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