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Essays On Educational Budget Cuts

Education Budget Cuts Essay

Education is the most important possession a person must have. It is the keys to success, wealth, and knowledge. It is the only possession that cannot be taken away from a person and it will open up the windows of opportunities. Education will help us grow as an individual, have better understanding of life, and give us a financial stability; but what happens when education get cuts down. By making budget cuts to education, is this helping out education or letting it down. In the news article, “Highlights Impact of Budget Cuts to Education” by State School Chief Jack O’Connell, his claim is that governor should not cuts down education budget, but instead protect education and invest it in the future.
He stated that budget cut to education is not good because it will cause “our state’s future to continue to remain shrouded in instability and uncertainty.” In other words, he means education is very important and by making cut in education is it not the ways to solve our problem and get ourselves out of this crisis. O’Connell pointed out that he could not agree more with the Governor call for courageous decision making to close California’s massive budget shortfall, which pegged at $24.3 billion right now. O’Connell argued that “making education the scapegoat for California’s financial mess is not the answer.” In his views, he felt that this will not be a solution. He shows statistics that in this current school year, the governor has proposed about $1.3 billion in cuts and for the next school year, it will be another $4 billion.
They should find other way to solve it before more problems occur that will be severe and immediate. He pointed out some specific examples of the impact of cuts to education which includes “class-size increase in the South Pasadena Unified School District that would result in kindergarten through third-grade classes having up to 32 students and fourth and fifth classes with as many as 36 children in each class.” In his point of view by doing this it does not help a student learn, but it will add more pressure to the kids because some will not be able to concentrate on what is being taught in the class with this many kids. He stated that the Los Angeles Unified School District had canceled their summer school programs. A number of 2,250 teachers were expected to be laying off. He also stated that the Mount Diablo Unified School District board recently vote to lay off more than 400 teachers and are likely to eliminate their sports and most music programs.
As stated above, State Schools Chief Jack O’Connell believes that student’s education should be protected and invested in the future. Our government had a critical mission which is preparing students for productive futures. What he means by this is that we should have an educated, highly skilled workforce that can compete in the global economy for our state’s long term success, but since our resources are excessively depleted, we cannot succeed in...

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It’s good when you can choose a topic for your essay, but sometimes teachers ask students to write papers on particular subjects. If you’re assigned to write a paper on education budget cuts, you shouldn’t be worried. Proper organization of your work and concentration on your task will earn you an excellent mark. Follow the tips below and you’ll succeed.

  • Narrow your topic.
  • You should give your paper some direction. For example, you may focus on the ways to prevent education budget cuts or write about the effects of such measures. The main idea is to make this topic interesting for you to write about.

  • Research your topic.
  • You’ll need to learn a lot of information and raise good arguments to defend your statements. Consult your instructor on what sources you should use to complete your assignment successfully. The more evidence you have, the better will be your essay.

  • Compose a strong thesis.
  • A thesis statement is the purpose of your paper expressed in one sentence. All your ideas and arguments should be connected to this particular statement. You should compose it before you start writing the body of your paper.

  • Outline your paper.
  • Divide your document into three major parts (introduction, body, and conclusion) and briefly indicate what you’re going to write in each of them. This will help you create a paper with a solid structure.

  • Write the introduction.
  • Start this paragraph with some attention-grabbing fact related to education budget cuts. You should then give a brief background of your topic to familiarize the reader with it. You should make a smooth transition to your thesis statement and place it at the end of the introduction.

  • Write the body.
  • This section should consist of at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should present and interpret a separate argument supported by evidence gathered during your research. Make sure that your arguments are absolutely relevant to your thesis and each other.

  • Write the conclusion.
  • Your last paragraph should summarize all the arguments mentioned previously and state the importance of raising questions related education budget cuts. You may even propose one or two ways to continue your investigation.

  • Edit your paper.
  • It’s likely that you’ll make some grammar and spelling mistakes during the process of writing. Look through your essay and eliminate all the errors. You may also need to rewrite some sentences that aren’t 100% relevant to your thesis or don’t bear the real meaning.

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