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Hotel Assistant Front Office Manager Cover Letter Sample

In the hospitality industry, there are specific abilities and knowledge that set you apart from other candidates. Make sure your cover letter highlights your key expertise and speaks to the specific needs of your target employer. Learn how you can create your own cover letter with our hotel front office manager cover letter template. This free resource and accompanying tips will give you important information about the process of crafting and using your new cover letter.

What to Include in a Hotel Front Office Manager Cover Letter

Put your cover letter to work for you by customizing it for each position. Compare it to the requirements listed in the job posting to understand what the hiring manager will be looking for in a top candidate. You Don’t want to rehash your resume. Instead take this opportunity to shine a light on your most relevant points, such as your experience in the target hotel environment or market, as well as your leadership strengths and attention to detail.Maintain a professional and upbeat tone throughout your cover letter, which should be one page in or less in length and include three to five paragraphs. Begin with a confident first paragraph that makes an immediate case for why you are the right candidate for the position and maintain that level of certainty throughout as you outline your key points as well as your passion for the field and additional information you know will be beneficial in the role. End with a thank you for your reader.

Sample Cover Letter

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Cover Letter Content
My solid experience in serving the hospitality needs of high end clients would enable me to make a significant contribution to the hotel front office manager position you are currently advertising. My background in the hotel industry further bolsters my qualifications. I am extremely adept, for example, at supporting and enhancing the operations of brand new hotel properties such as yours.With more than 20 years of hospitality experience, I am well-versed in the daily ins and outs of hotels and the requirements of discerning travelers. I work well in dynamic, fast-paced environments where my adaptability and resourcefulness help me meet any need and overcome every challenge. My strengths include hiring, training, and mentoring staff as well as directing the daily operations of the front desk and ensuring guest satisfaction in all areas.I am confident that I can deliver the productivity, quality, and service you need. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Assistant Front Office Manager Resume

An assistant front office manager resume aims to radiate your proficiency in managing the daily functions of a hotel's front office, and your ability to ensure smooth administration of reservation, sales, payments etc. You need to highlight your interpersonal skills, and focus on your leadership skills and your ability to ensure optimal customer service and satisfaction. Your application needs to be employer-centered, for a recruiter comes expecting to find answers as to whether you'd prove to be a potential asset to the company. Craft a resume, and based on the information you include, write an effective cover letter, which will introduce the reader to your profile. It would be easier to start off, if you study the organization's vision statement on their website, and go through their recent activities. You can gain further clarity as to what qualities will appeal the most to the employer, by simply contacting the company and discussing their needs with one of the recruiters.

Given below is a sample resume for an assistant front office manager; use it as your guide to achieve perfection in drafting your application. As illustrated in the example, start your resume with an effective career objective, following your contact details. The objective should be comprised of a maximum of two sentences, where you need to address your interests and connect them to the vision of the company. Doing this will eliminate any obstacles that come to the front as you start writing the resume. Study the objective featured in the sample carefully, and understand the elements that need to be included in it, so that it will act as an effective headline for your resume, and successfully capture the reader's interest.

Now, you need to focus on keeping him engaged in your application. Many a times the recruiter rejects applications due to lack of specificity or completeness, which in turn leads to disinterest. By customizing your resume according to your new job requirements, you allow the reader to judge the amount of efforts you have put into crafting the application. The sample resume features a profile summary; study the section carefully to understand how the contents are arranged. Besides highlighting the keypoints pertaining to your previous employments using bullets, you need to eliminate those details which lack significance or relevancy to the new job description. Also, summarizing your experience is a favor to your recruiter, facilitating him with an easy and quick, yet a highly informative read.

Similarly, showcase your skills and abilities, excluding all the common or general skill sets, of which the recruiters are normally aware. Such generic skills are considered as garbage characters in your application, and they do nothing to enhance the appeal of your profile. Now that you have included everything that matters the most to the employer, you simply need to list the basic details of your previous employers, followed by your educational qualification. You may then include the details of any accomplishments, ensuring their relevancy to your employment scenario.

See below for the sample of assistant front office manager resume; study and adopt its format and the style of customization. Take tips in cutting out unwanted phrases, so that you have more room for quoting the facts that hold maximum value. This website contains several resume templates and cover letter samples, browse carefully to find the perfect match for your profile.

Assistant Front Office Manager Resume Sample

Kathy K. Sparks
2299 Medical Center Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33901
(941) 559-0646


Asst. Front Office Manager, experienced in regulating the daily functions of the front area, seeks an opportunity to deliver optimal customer service, and go along the lines of your vision to achieve perfection and excellence in the profession.

Profile Summary:

  • Delegated clerical and administrative functions to front office staff, ensuring adherence to established guest service standards
  • Coordinated with the Duty Manager for cash control, monitoring departmental costs, and ensuring performance against the budget
  • Organized and participated in employee training programs, to ensure steady improvement in the efficiency of services provided
  • Compiled and maintained daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly room sales reports
  • Implemented innovative measures to optimize the average occupancy rate and maximize revenue
  • Ensured the provision of personalized guest service, coordinating with all departments to meet their requirements, and to resolve any complaints

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent organizational, managerial, and interpersonal skills, ensuring undisrupted interdepartmental communication
  • Proficient in time management, with the ability to prioritize tasks according to importance and urgency
  • High precision while implementing corrective measures during critical or unfavorable conditions in business
  • Ability to interpret and analyze financial and satistical data; familiar with the preparation of the annual operation budget
  • Proficient in the use of computers and associated applications like MS Office Works, RoomMaster, VersaPOS, Micros etc
  • Ability to provide optimal customer service, ensuring personal recognition to regular guests

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
Legacy Harbor Hotel & Suites - Fort Myers, FL
Asst. Front Office Manager

2007 - 2010
Courtyard Fort Myers Cape Coral, - Fort Myers, FL
Reception Shift Leader


Bachelor in Hotel Management, 2006
Southwest Florida College - Fort Myers, FL
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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