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Rachel Carson The Obligation To Endure Essay Contest

In the article, Rachel lays down an extensive collection of facts regarding pesticides and still succeeds in relating each scientific fact and explanations to one another such that they lead to another argument. Initially, Rachel gives an explanation on the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment, she then explains why it there is no need of using pesticides and finally proves wrong the notion that, pesticide use is a necessity in maintenance of farm production. Her argument kicks starts with scientific facts where she explains that pesticides contain some chemicals, which cause environmental pollution and cause irreversible damages on living creatures. She claims pesticides are evil pollutant so that the audience can get a negative perception of them. The audience is therefore able to understand that pesticides cause more harm than good, making them question whether there is a need for the use of pesticides. Rachel goes on to answer this question by referring back to the principle of natural selection by Charles Darwin. She argues that, with pests possessing the capability of evolving, this necessitates constant creation of new pesticides. With this information, she argues that it is unnecessary to keep developing new pesticides to deal with the pests’ problem. Afterwards, Rachel changes her tone to address the real problem of crop production; she views overproduction as the main problem. She explains that the surplus of cross has caused U.S citizens to pay over a billion dollars

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Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

conservation and environmental policies, and Carson’s revolutionary work in this regard. Significantly, the book reminds the readers about the environmental and human dangers of unsystematic use of pesticides, the relevance of spurring radical changes in the laws affecting air, land, and water in the modern world.

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Rhetorical Analysis of the article: Burqa is Banned in France

The author’s religion is of extreme significance in this case because the article totally revolves around Islam. Taking this into consideration, there exists a great deal of difference for the audience between a Muslim expressing his views about the ban on burqa in France and a non-Muslim doing the same.

4 pages (1000 words)Essay

The Rhetorical/Visual Analysis

The nature of images is meant to bring out the components and characteristics of the image that are intended to be communicated to a third party. It is aimed at educating, persuading individuals to act in the way that the image intends to Visual rhetoric is amongst the three categories of visual literacy which are, visual learning, visual thinking and then visual rhetoric itself.

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay on the article The Last Line of Defense

His goal is to expose the flaws in the criminal justice system that often results in the execution of innocent victims. He talks about the various factors that bring into question the acceptability and effectiveness of capital punishment. He adopts a one-sided tone and strongly opinionated approach to stimulate thinking process amongst the Americans readers.

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Analysis Essay over the article of Ipods

The author through this article demonstrates that it is because of this iWorld that we are losing our sense of reality. Though the main theme of the article is not entirely original, the article is well written and emphasizes the isolation that

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Rhetorical Analysis The Four Freedoms

The context is of utmost importance in any address, which too for a top politician, and Roosevelt exploited it well. He wanted

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Summary of ONE article for Rhetorical Analysis

He attributes the recent increase in immigration to the North American Free Trade Agreement and the poverty it is causing among rural Mexican farmers. Kavanaugh reports that the U.S

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to cover for the cost of crop production.

Analyzing Rachel Carson’s “the Obligation to Endure” Essay

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Analyzing Rachel Carson’s “The Obligation to Endure”

In her essay “The Obligation to Endure”, Rachel Carson alerts the public to the dangers of modern industrial pollution. She writes about the harmful consequences of lethal materials being released into the environment. She uses horrifying evidence, a passionate tone, audience, and the overall structure of her essay to express to her readers that the pollution created by man wounds the earth. There are many different ways that pollution can harm the environment, from the nuclear explosions discharging toxic chemicals into the air, to the venomous pesticides sprayed on plants that kills vegetation and sickens cattle. The adjustments to these chemicals would take generations. Rachel…show more content…

This is an efficient strategy. It makes her audience want to get involved and preserve the natural resources the environment has to offer. In her essay she describes the devastating effects chemicals have on the environment with such conviction; it might make the reader feel obligated to make changes in his or her own life to help the natural world. Rachel Carson uses an assertive tone to get her point across. She has a one-sided argument and is very aggressive to those who oppose her point of view. She is very effective at stating her opinion to her audience. In her essay Rachel Carson targets anyone who will listen as her audience. She wants to inform human beings of the effects chemicals have on the environment. Rachel Carson’s audience had little knowledge of the effects radiation and pesticides might have on nature or to themselves. She successfully enlightened her audience to the harm man was causing to the environment not only presently, she also wrote of future ramifications. She predicts “Future historians may well be amazed by our distorted sense of proportion. How could intelligent beings seek to control a few unwanted species by methods that contaminated the entire environment…?” (Carson 615). This statement might make her audience scrutinize their actions through the eyes of future generations.
Rachel Carson used cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, and

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