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Essay About Philosophy Of Teaching

My Philosophy as a Teacher

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My Philosophy as a Teacher

I want that “A” assignment displayed on David’s refrigerator. I want Julie to recount that discussion about Elie Weisel’s Night to her friend on the bus, and I want them to feel enlightened and emotional about it. Years from now, I want to hear Jose tell his son about the class where he realized he wasn’t stupid and could write well. I want him to write a story about it.

I haven’t taught a David, a Julie or a Jose yet, but one day I want to have that kind of effect on my students. No matter how a child feels about school, it plays a tremendous part in a child’s life. Teachers can brighten or burden a student’s day, every day, depending on how a teacher conducts her class and how she relates to her students. For this reason, I believe I must teach more than just English and more than that which can be measured by grades.

I believe a good teacher can give a student the skills and self confidence that may propel that child through life. Whetting a child’s interest in learning and pushing a child to prove himself capable of obtaining and improving on his talents, is of vital importance. Having been a student for nearly sixteen years now, I believe that in order to be an effective conveyer of skills and knowledge, I must always plan, be organized, structured and make my expectations high and clear for my students. Whenever possible, I must streamline and simplify complex ideas in order to help students grasp new skills and concepts. Teaching freshly, creatively and entertainingly is also highly important.

As an English teacher, I want to guide my students closely through their writing processes, emphasizing the revision process, which I find to be crucial in learning to write well. I want to help alleviate the intense stress that students sometimes feel about writing by making them write often. With practice, I hope to make writing feel natural and enjoyable for even my most English-hating students.

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Through the study of literature, I want to open my students’ minds to other points of views and other people’s situations and realities. Middle school and high school years are both fascinating and confusing times for students, because the children are beginning to question their beliefs. Exploring literature gives young people a way to discuss these thoughts and learn more about themselves.

Yet I want to be more than just an intellectual stimulus to my students. I want to be a steady, reliable entity in their lives, something for which many of today’s youth yearn. I believe that if I can govern my classroom fairly and objectively, constantly respecting and loving all of my students, my classroom can become that safe haven of learning and acceptance that every child needs in life. I believe all students, not just exemplary students, have talent. I must refrain from judging a student or jumping to conclusions. I do not want my students to be afraid to answer incorrectly a question in class discussions. I do not want them to fear asking for help. My students’ relationship with me and my commitment towards teaching them will not terminate at the end of every class period; rather, I will be readily available during my free periods, after school, through e-mail and by phone. In short, as a teacher, I want to be a positive force in my students’ lives—a safe haven and a stubborn believer in my students’ abilities to succeed.

My Philosophy of Teaching Essay examples

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Philosophy of Education

Teachers, unlike any other professionals have the chance to shape and change young lives. For this reason, I believe that teaching is one of the noblest professions that one could choose. From the time I was a young boy and watching my father in his classroom I knew always wanted to be a teacher. It always seemed like the perfect career. A career in which I felt was best suited for me. One in which I would want to wake up earlier and earlier every morning because I would be excited at the fact that I knew that I was on my way to help develop the future minds of our world. I believe the intrinsic rewards for this profession are far greater than the extrinsic ones and not too many other professionals…show more content…

The one approach I use with one child might not be the same I can use with another. All children’s level of intelligence and desire to learn is different. As a teacher I will need to present all material in a creative and effective way not only to ensure that each child learns, but that they learn at their own effective pace.

I believe the nature of knowledge is relative, it depends upon the person, the place, and the time. An education, just like a person, is a very beautiful and unique thing. Someone raised in a rural environment would not receive the same type of education as someone who was raised in the city. I know the education my parents received 30 years ago is not the same kind of education I have received. I agree with Foucault’s belief that powers shapes knowledge and knowledge shaped power. The ones who have power have the means to obtain knowledge, but to have power you must have received knowledge first. The old saying stands true knowledge is power.

I believe the over all purpose of education is to convey a large body of knowledge effectively, to encourage the development of thinking and reasoning and to nurture an understanding that students can extend to situations beyond the classroom. Presenting the material in a creative way and setting a good example for children to follow does this. An education is very important if you want to have a successful career. In the society we live in you must have

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