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Second Degree Personal Statement

How to apply

Applicants for a second undergraduate degree must apply in the same way as other applicants. You must submit your UCAS application by 6pm (UK time) on 15 October. You must also register for any admissions test or tests required for your course. (For full details please see Applying to Oxford.)

You should ensure that your UCAS personal statement includes an account of activities at university as well as at school, and the UCAS reference should be written by someone who is familiar with your academic performance in your degree(s). Second undergraduate degree applicants should also send a transcript of their degree(s) to the college considering their application by 10 November.

Where written work is required, you should submit work from your more recent studies, rather than from your school work.

Graduate applicants are required to fulfil the same entrance requirements, and are considered in open competition with first-degree applicants. More recent academic achievements will carry more weight than qualifications achieved at school, although a strong academic profile will generally be expected throughout.

Two different Medicine courses are available as second undergraduate degrees. One is an accelerated course for science graduates; the other is the standard pre-clinical course, which graduates may study in five years rather than six. Read more about studying Medicine as a second undergraduate degree.

You should be aware that UK students who have already completed an undergraduate degree are not eligible for any further government support or loans.

Senior Status

Second undergraduate degree candidates may apply for ‘Senior Status’. This exempts you from the First Public Examination, so you can start directly in the second year of the degree. The criterion for achieving such status is a university degree obtained after courses extending over at least three years. We would usually expect a degree classification of 2:1 (or equivalent) or higher. The university should have a good academic reputation and selective entrance requirements. 

To apply for Senior Status: follow the standard application procedure. On your UCAS application, select Year 2 as your Point of Entry.

All colleges will consider applicants for Senior Status, except for Hertford and New College, although colleges may not offer Senior Status for all their courses and it is best to contact the college to check.

Any course may be studied with Senior Status, except for Fine Art and Law with Law Studies in Europe.

You will be assessed first on your suitability for the course of study and second on your suitability for Senior Status (so you may be made an offer for the full course instead).


Law with Senior Status is offered only at the following colleges:

CollegeSix termsSeven terms
Harris Manchester
Jesus College
St Anne's
St Edmund Hall
St Hilda's 
University College

You can choose one of these colleges, or you can make an open application. Once your application has been received, the Law Faculty will contact you to clarify whether you are applying for the six-term or seven-term course. (The six-term programme means that you study the second and third years of the standard three-year course. The seven seven-term programme begins with the final term of the first year.)

Successful Senior Status Law applicants will normally be predicted to achieve or have achieved a first class degree or equivalent, or, in the case of mature applicants, strong and convincing evidence of the applicant's achievements and future promise at an equivalent level. Please see the Law Faculty website for further information about this course.


PPE students may drop one of the three subjects (Philosophy, Politics or Economics) after their first year of study. Senior Status candidates need only study two of the subjects, or may choose to study all three.

PPE with Senior Status is offered only at the following colleges. You can choose one of these colleges, or you can make an open application.

  • Balliol
  • Corpus Christi
  • Harris Manchester
  • Keble
  • Lincoln
  • Mansfield   
  • Merton
  • Oriel
  • Pembroke
  • Regent’s Park College
  • St Anne’s
  • St Catherine’s
  • St Edmund Hall
  • St Hugh’s
  • St Peter’s
  • Worcester

If you're a mature student applying to university through UCAS, take a look at these personal statements written by other mature applicants. Hopefully these will provide some inspiration for your own statement, but if you feel you need some extra help, our professional editors are on hand with our personal statement review packages.

Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I was shocked to see not one person stopped to help me. Didn’t anyone care enough to help? If it weren’t for the science of Psychology, this and so many other questions about human behaviour would go unanswered...

I am a mature student currently undertaking a SWAP Access to Humanities course at FE college. I enrolled on this particular course with the view that it will help me achieve the skills as well as the qualifications I need to begin my University career this year...

Accounting & Finance Personal Statement

Currently, I am a final-year student, studying International Economics and Trade at xxx University. I would like to increase my professional potential in Finance related field by pursuing Master studies at your University...

Psychology & Criminology Personal Statement

I have often thought myself to be a lucky individual: My Grandfather was a detective in the Lancashire constabulary many years ago, and when I was a child I was often graced with countless stories from his crime fighting days...

Accounting Personal Statement

In 1999 i graduate at Federal Technical College Abuja Nigeria; my priority was to advance into higher studies, but the poor finances my family were in stopped me progressing. In 2000 I started working part time in a chemist as a sales assistant; i financed myself through a computing course in 2002 and passed with confidence...

Accounting & Finance Personal Statement

As a senior student at the Management School in Jinan University, one of the oldest key national universities in China, I will graduate in 2010 with a diploma. However, I believe that will not be the end of my academic life...

Mature Student Law Personal Statement

I long recall having been amazed as to how law permeates every aspect of our lives. My career thus far has taken me to the City of London, as far away as New Zealand, and then back to Reading again and has served to cultivate my interest in law and made me yearn to study this fascinating subject at undergraduate level, and formally qualify as a solicitor, within criminal advocacy...

As a childcare worker looking after 3-4 year olds, I'm constantly being asked "why" and, although I love the times when I can give an answer, I especially love the times when I can't. I'm a person whose motto is "learn one new thing everyday", which makes every new "why" another adventure, a new journey of discovery - both for me and the children in my care...

Philosophy Personal Statement (Mature Student)

Since leaving education in 2006 I have always wanted to return; a great love of learning, desire for knowledge and natural curiosity throughout my life resulted in an ambition to teach. It was with this ambition in my heart that I took the plunge and returned to education, beginning my Access course last year with the intention of applying to study for a primary education degree...

Physics Personal Statement (Mature Student)

Every essence of Physics excites me. From the immeasurably small quark, to the unimaginable scale of the red hypergiant, VY Canis Majoris. I want to dedicate my life to the study of Physics. I want to answer the great unsolved problems of astrophysics, such as the origin of supermassive black holes, the Flyby Anomaly, the Coronal Heating Problem and so many more...

Forensic Psychology Personal Statement

What provokes another human being to commit a heinous crime? A question I've been asking myself since adolescence. My genuine thirst for both Psychology and Criminology began whilst studying for my A-level in History; through the topic of World War II and 'The Nazi Regime...

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