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Fin 370 Week 5 Team Assignment Kudler Foods

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UNV 108 Full Class UNV 108 All Weeks Discussion , Journal and Assignments – Entire Course UNV 108 Full Course UNV 108 Week 1 Topic 1: Discussion Question 1 Prior to answering your first Discussion Question (DQ), please do the following to be better prepared to respond to the required DQs each week: Read the “Communications Expectations Resource.” This outlines specific expectations for DQ participation and posts. Discussion Question GCU provides many resources to ensure your…

network goes up; elimination of the old network; and distribution of documentation to the owners and network teams) First Phase: Del Mar site is the first store to be upgraded since it will be treated as the backbone or the mainline support of the entire network operation. Del Mar site will contain the POS (Point of Sale) server, Inventory Database, File Integrity Checker, Security Console for monitoring and the T1 line(s). This Del Mar store upgrade will take five weeks to be completed. After completion, it is La Jolla’s site turn to be upgraded next. With all the possible irregularities that may come in while doing the upgrade and integration of this site, though it is expected to operate smoothly, completion time is expected to be five weeks also. Taking everything that has been learned from this experience, it shall be of great help in the installation at the Encinitas site and shall therefore make it even smoother and should be finished faster in three weeks.

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