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Communication On The Internet Essay

Essay on Internet Communication

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Since the invention and popularization of the internet, computer mediated communication has become an increasingly common mode of socialization. Many people have voiced the concern that the move away from physical communication might have negative repercussions for society; however, socialization on the internet has a number of advantages over traditional socialization. The internet provides a larger pool of potential social contacts compared to physically seeking people, creates means for people to easily communicate when spatially or temporally disconnected and allows a comfortable atmosphere for communication. At any given moment there are more people available for socialization on the internet then there are people with which one…show more content…

When communicating through an instant messenger, one can send messages while conversational partners are away from their computers and the partners will still see the messages when they return. Not only do they not need to be physically present, they do not even need to be participating in the conversation at the exact same time. This makes computer mediated communication one of the easiest means of transmitting information. Physical communication is more intimidating them communicating through typing. Typing allows one more time to think and reword one's thoughts before communicating them. Further, the fact that people cannot see the physical reaction of their conversational partners makes it easier to communicate about difficult topics. This is especially helpful shy people. Shy individuals who do not use the internet for communication have less social contacts then shy people who do socialize on the internet3. Most people have some degree of shyness; communicating through the internet helps alleviate the negative effects of shyness and makes socializing more comfortable. Some would argue that the above benefits are irrelevant because online social encounters rarely result in a social relationship. Although it is true that many encounters on the internet do not lead to meaningful social relationships, the same can be said about physical social encounters. For example, two people who meet while riding a bus might speak during the

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Some say that the Internet is making the world smaller by bringing people together. To what extent do to you agree that the Internet is making it easier for people to communicate with one another?

A global village, that is certainly what the world feels like nowadays. With the help of the , you can reach out and get to know people you might never have met in person. Articles can be co-authored, business deals can be finalized, degrees can be earned and at times even medical advice can be given- and all of this is just a click away.

Electronic mail, instant messages, web cameras and microphones; all these gadgets and programs make the presence of the other person more real. Who knows; with the help of visual reality you might even get a 3-D image of the speaker! I believe that the Internet is one the best inventions of the last century, you can hardly get to miss anyone and nobody is really out of reach. You can keep in touch with your friends, and be able to do your work from your bedroom in your pajamas!

However, the internet can also be a major source of harassment. Spammers and hackers can invade your privacy and get personal/confidential information, which otherwise they never get access to. You are never out of anybody’s reach, unless you make a conscious decision of not checking your email, there can be always more work waiting for you in your inbox and you might never have a moment to yourself. Worse yet, if you were a workaholic, you might never experience that stress-free vacation ever again in your life – simply, because you have your mobile workplace with you at all times.

As a romantic, I will always look forward to getting an occasional letter in the snail mail. A personal letter, where I can sense the mood of the writer by the slants in his/her handwriting and get to know him/her better. But as a type A personality person, the internet gives me all what I dream of in terms of communication – the speed, reliability, and convenience of time and place. I can certainly tolerate its shortcomings any day, as long as it keeps me close to my loved ones.

This is a great essay, which seems worthy of Band 7 or perhaps even 8. It is longer than required (340 words instead of 250) which means that it took you more time to write and less time to check your work.


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