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Cuhk E-Thesis And Dissertations


The following databases are newly acquired by the Library.

Cambridge Law Reports

Coverage: 1919 - current
Offers fast and easy access to key reports, including the content of the leading International Law Reports series.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets


Data-Planet is a repository of standardized and structured statistical data which contains over 4.9 billion datasets from more than 450 databases in 16 major subject areas. Data can be downloaded in standard formats and visualized in tables, charts, graphs and maps. Search results can be saved and shared.

JSTOR Sustainability

A new online resource that brings together journals, policy research, and books on the topic of environmental sustainability and resilience. This database provides more than 110 journal titles, 2,000+ research reports, and 350+ ebook titles on the issue. Notable titles includes: Environmental Values, Waterlines, Human Ecology, Carbon & Climate Law Review, Energy Journal, etc

Roper Center iPOLL

The Roper Center collects public opinion data on a wide range of topics, e.g., immigration, leisure and recreation, race, religion, work and labor, poverty, elections and many more. Currently it offers nearly 700,000 questions and answers from US national adult sample polls, and the archive holds over 23,000 US and international datasets. Data can be downloaded or analyzed using their online tool RoperExplorer.



涵蓋︰1872 - 1949



涵蓋︰1915 - 1949



Вы из полиции. Беккер покачал головой. Панк пристально смотрел на. - Вы похожи на полицейского.

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