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Psyc101 Journal Article Review Assignment

PSYC101 Journal Article Review Assignment - Part 1 Article Content Identification and Summary Due: 11:55pm ET Sunday at the end of Week 3 of the 8-week course term You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 3. Points Possible: 60 OVERVIEW : This is Part 1 of a two-part assignment designed to guide you through the steps of critically reviewing a published, evidence-based, scholarly journal article. This is an activity in which students engage frequently across their college careers in the completion of a variety of assignments . The article you review will be selected from the classroom Resources folder. For Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment, demonstration of foundational skills needed to complete an article review is the goal, not the composition of an actual research paper or essay. You will be answering a series of questions, each linked to an important article review element, rather than writing a traditional style paper. Due by the end of Week 3 of the 8-week course term, Part 1 requires the identification and summarization of various components of the article you select from the classroom Resources folder. In completing Part 1 you will:--Select a published scholarly article from a set of pre-approved, evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal articles located in the classroom Resources Folder titled, “Evidence-Based Journal Articles” and explain why the selected article was of interest to you;--Demonstrate knowledge of how to properly cite the selected article’s author(s), year of publication, title, and in what journal it was published, in compliance with APA formatting rules; --Describe the research method used by the selected article’s author(s);--Summarize the selected article’s key points following the assignment instructions; Part 1 Instructions: To avoid point loss, be sure to read all sequentially and carefully and don’t jump ahead to answer questions. From the Resources subfolder in the classroom titled, “Evidence-Based Journal Articles” (access it by first clicking Resources, then clicking this subfolder title, select an article from ONE of the folder categories. NOTE: This assignment requires the use of ONE article only. Points possible per assignment section are included below. Your instructor will assign points based on

How To Locate a Professional Journal

  1. Go to the Hacc Home Page and click on the link to the Library.
  2. Now, under FIND, click on Articles and Databases.
  3. Scroll down to PsychINFO  and click on it to bring up the search page.
  4. Click in the boxes where it says: Full Text Documents Only and Scholarly journals, including peer reviewed.
  5. Enter a topic you would like to search for in the box just below Suggest Search Terms.   Examples might be : Depression, anxiety, stress, alzheimer’s, etc.
  6. Click on “Search”.
  7. Below each citation, click on FullText-PDF to view the article.  Do not click on Abstract or HTML.
  8. If only the word Abstract appears under the citation, you will not be able to get a full text version of the article.  Find another article to review.


  • The article MUST describe an experiment and have a section named METHOD(S).  You must attach to your paper a copy of the first page of the article you read.  I do not need the whole article!!!


  • Maximum length for your paper: 2-3 pages in double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman print.

1. You may want to choose an article that parallels the topics we are currently covering in class, but you do not have to.

2. At the top of your paper (after your name; before you start writing), give the reference, EXACTLY in APA style (example below), for the article you chose.  Notice that the journal title and volume number are in italics but the issue number is in regular font in parentheses (1).

Mellers, B. A. & Barkley, C. (2010). Choice and the relative pleasure of consequences.

      Psychological Bulletin, 126(1), 910-924. doi:0004500/0000165809

3. From the introduction—What is the general topic that this paper is addressing? What is the purpose of the research described in this paper? What is the hypothesis?

4. Briefly describe the methods used to collect the data. Who were the participants? What did they have to do in this study? What were the measures that were collected?

5. In general, what were the results of the study? (Use numbers, like averages or correlations, if you understand them). For example, did one group score differently than another group on a measure? Or was there a relationship between two or more variables?

6. What is/are the major conclusions(s) drawn by the author(s)? What do the results  mean for the “real world”/ how do they apply to you and me?

Example Paper

Your name here

Mellers, B. A. & Barkley, C. (2010). Choice and the relative pleasure of consequences.

      Psychological Bulletin, 126(3), 910-924. doi:0004500/0000165809

(You need to give me your reference in this EXACT form)


Now write your paper.  It can be 2-3 pages

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