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Hrm 530 Week 3 Assignment

Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies 2 In this paper, I proposed how I would ensure the HR strategy in alignment with the business strategy; described the HR job positions and responsibilities listed for that HR department; determined which HR job positions I would prefer and why. Also, I analyzed how the selected company can establish HRM strategies to improve competitive advantage, and proposed three ways that the company can increase diversity. Propose how you would ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy. With rapid changes in the business environment, organizations are increasingly looking at human resource as a unique asset that can provide sustained competitive advantage. Admittedly, when it comes to getting the best out of people, this is the starting point of our journey along the road towards HR business strategy,” (Kearns, 2010, p.05) because the ultimate goal of HR is to support an organization through the management of human capital, which is the major subset of the broader organization`s strategy. Obviously, once the business strategy is determined by the organization, I will ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy to support the chosen business strategy by being concerned with the challenge of matching the philosophy, policies, programs, practices and processes-the “five P`s” in a way that will stimulate and reinforce the different employee roles behaviors appropriate for each strategy determined by the business. This will ensure the smooth and effective operations of the business strategy to increase its competitive advantage over its competitors. Describe the HR job positions and the responsibilities listed for that HR department.

Job Analysis / Job Description 2 job analysis. Lastly, I justified my belief that the job analysis and job description are in compliance with state and federal regulations. Compare two (2) job positions from the episode and perform a job analysis of each position. The two jobs positions I compare from the Choice Hotel International are the housekeeping and maintenance positions. The both positions are important for the smooth operations of the hotels. The hotel guests expect to have a clean environment to enjoy their stay at the hotels, the contribution these two positions makes to the smooth operations of the hotels are priceless. Employing people in these positions will require job analysis, because “job analysis is often seen as a first step to appropriately recruiting, hiring, training, and compensating workers.” (Stewart and Brown, 2012, p.128) This will allow employers to choose the right employees to perform the right jobs functions. Generally, the house keeping position is an entry lever position. Housekeeping staffs are responsible for the general cleaning of the hotel. They use tools such as vacuum and dusters. In the same way, the maintenance position is also an entry level position; its staffs are responsible for the keeping of the hotels common areas. The maintenance staffs use tools such as screwdrivers and toilet plunger. Both teams work together under a on the go working condition as hotel guests are checking in and out almost at the same

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