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Social Science Dissertations

Copyright and Borrowing

Authors� copyright of theses is strictly protected. Readers must sign their name on the form in the front of most Oxford University theses they consult, or leave their name and address at the issue desk. Copying of Oxford theses, even of a single page, may require the author's written permission. The prior written consent of the author must be obtained prior to including quotations from theses in published work. Some newer theses have a declaration from the author permitting some copying. Check inside the front cover of the thesis you are consulting.

For more information on the copying restrictions which apply to theses, contact Bodleian Libraries Special Collections. Copies of theses in their entirety may be purchased from the British Library, or acquired via EThOS.

Oxford University theses in the SSL are Confined to the library. Theses from other universities, which are classified according to Library of Congress Classification and shelved in the main library sequence, may be borrowed.

For further information on theses and dissertations, please visit the Bodleian Libraries' theses information page.


This study of humanities and social science dissertations published by university presses considers revised dissertations [RD’s] and their salient characteristics. Often dissertations in the humanities and social sciences become the sine qua non for advancement in academia; therefore, it is instructive to ascertain the ecology of dissertations published by university presses. Only revised dissertations [RD’s], and English language presses were surveyed from proprietary data provided by a North American book distributor [Yankee Book Peddler, Inc.] and were triaged for bibliographic aspects as well as for intellectual coverage. Disciplinary alignment, subject specializations, geographical distribution, as well degree of interdisciplinarity, and series publication highlight findings. Library of Congress Classification further articulated disciplinary orientation. Oxford and Cambridge University Presses, but presses are specialized by subject emphases. A significant number of RD’s are interdisciplinary, Eurocentric in subject and geographical coverage, historically oriented across LC Classes, and appear as titles in monographic series.


Disciplines Revised dissertations Monographs Humanities Social sciences University presses 

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