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Math Homework Help Free Geometry Software

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You are probably reading this right now stressed and frustrated because of the 4 letter word “math.” As someone who has tutored and taught Math for over 15 years, I understand!

But, there’s good news!

With the right tools, solid practice, and a bit of renewed confidence, your relationship with math will improve! Maybe you’ll even learn to like it! *gasp!* My former math students tell me all the time they grew to like math while working with me. So, there is hope! 🙂

As the co-founder of Student-Tutor, I love helping all students master math! To that aim, I worked hard to research the best free math websites available.

Then, our team developed quizzes with actionable steps to help you build your skills and academic confidence to reach your fullest potential! (see below!)

Here at Student-Tutor, we like to call that “Sparking Bright Futures”! 

PS: If you are looking for the #1 reason your student is struggling in math make sure to click the link and check out our latest article “The # 1 reason your student is/will struggle in math!”

Top 10 Math Websites

Want more free math resources specific to your grade level? Then check out some new articles we just wrote linked out below! Stay tuned… more to come!

  • 6th grade math worksheets, games, problems, curriculum, + more!
  • 7th grade math worksheets, games, problems, curriculum, + more!
  • 8th grade math worksheets, games, problems, curriculum + more!
  • Top 10 Pre-Algebra worksheets + more
  • Top Algebra 1 worksheets + more
  • Top Algebra 2 worksheets + more

Now let’s get to the count down!…

10. Art of Problem Solving

Math Levels: pre-Algbera – Algebra (approximately 3rd – 11th grade)
My Favorite Thing: their videos are organized, clear, helpful, and free!

This math website has lots of stuff including math discussion forums, math competition information, and classes students can enroll into… but we especially like their clear videos!

Video categories include:
– PreAlgebra (basic algebraic properties, decimals, angles, and more!)
– Introduction to Algebra (one-variable, multi-variable, complex numbers and more!)
– Counting & Probability (basic counting techniques, geometric probability, and more!)
– MATHCOUNTS (explaining problems from a state math competition)
– AMC (explaining problems from American Mathematics Competitions qualifying tests)

There are tons of videos listed very clearly by subject and subtopic.

This image above shows the Algebra videos by chapter. If you scroll down on the page, you would see all the numerous videos for each listed chapter.

Once watching a video, the tutor walks us through problems step-by-step with very clear explanations… As a former math teacher, I approve!


9. Education World

Math Levels: K-12th (but seems heavier on K-8th grade)
My Favorite Thing: free downloadable worksheets

Education World presents a variety of math resources that all educators can use to liven up instruction.

“But I’m not a teacher!” you protest. It doesn’t matter! Anyone can take advantage! Parents would be wise to seek out resources that teachers themselves like to pull from 🙂

This site links to www.freeprintableonline.com and has downloadable pdfs of its own on critical thinking, math crossword puzzles, and hands-on math activities like these two shown below.


8. Cliff’s Notes

Math Levels: 2nd-12th (Basic Math through Calculus)
My Favorite Thing: topic reviews and quizzes to follow for practice

When I was in school, Cliff’s Notes were all the rage for students who needed to review a long book before a big test!

These little overview books were especially helpful for Shakespeare, if I do say so myself, but now they have Cliff’s Notes for Math!

This top math website covers:

Basic Math
Basic Math & Pre-Algebra
Math Word Problems

Algebra I
Algebra II
Linear Algebra

Differential Equations


If you want the full, hands-on version, they are sold in book stores and online, but this website is a nice and free starting point for some solid review.

7. Wyzant

Math Levels: K-12th
My Favorite Thing: clear at-a-glance table of contents on front page

As soon as you open this page, you see all the topics you can find lessons, examples, and worksheets about. No need to dig deep into the website to figure out what it actually covers.

For students just beginning math to students already deeply immersed in it who need a little review on a topic or two, this site shows step-by-step how to attack all the important concepts.

6. Math Pickle

Math Levels: K-12th
My Favorite Thing: videos and activity resources to do with students

Math Pickle is a great top 10 math website for K-12 math topics. It too seems to be designed with the teacher in mind, but do not let that deter you!

Take mini-lessons and do them with your kids! Make it a game. Make it a fun project. They will learn without realizing it (which is the best way to learn – naturally!)

This math website has video support, discussion boards, games that are “hard fun,” inspired (and inspiring) people, and more!

Here is a path that I took by clicking on “Addition” under the 1st / 2nd / 3rd grade area, then scrolling down and clicking on “Unfair Thrones,” and then watching the posted video and opening the supporting PowerPoint Presentation.

5. Hooda Math

Math Levels: K-8th
My Favorite Thing: tons of fun online games to practice concepts

Hooda Math is a top 10 math website geared toward helping kids practice and learn through fun computer games. Specific topics the games work with are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, addition, geometry, basic physics, fractions, integers, and algebra.

Kids learn best when having fun! Here is a game I started to play practicing geometric understanding and spacial reasoning.


4. Paul’s Online Math Notes

Math Levels: 9-12th+ (Algebra through Calculus III)
My Favorite Thing: “cheat sheets” – nice review study guide reference sheets!

The intent of this site is “to provide a complete set of free online (and downloadable) notes and/or tutorials for classes that [Paul teaches] at Lamar University.” He has written out notes / tutorials on Algebra, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, and Differential Equations. The notes are simple and easy-to-follow.

Another great feature is there are practice problems for students to solve! The solutions let you click to reveal each step one at at time! This feature is perfect for if a student gets stuck half-way through, he or she can check out the next step without revealing the entire solution.

He has even made nice “cheat sheets” for algebra, trigonometry, and calculus topics!

This is one of the best parts of this top 10 math website. It is so helpful for students to have all the facts and formulas from which they can pull right there in front of them. Print out these sheets for reference during homework sessions! Print out these sheets to give to teachers (brownie points!) and they may even let students use during tests (depends on teacher).

3. Arcademics

Math Levels: K-6th grade
My Favorite Thing: super fun “arcade games” practicing math

This top 10 math website was created with idea of “Academics + Arcade = Fun” in mind!

Games are free, multi-player, and educational. And they even designed these games while conscious about online safety. “Private” games can be set up with a password, so a student and his/her friends could organize games to play against each other in a private game! “Public” games can be joined by anyone at anytime but there is no contact between the outside players and the student. They also monitor player names and block inappropriate ones.

Let’s take a look at a game that I just played to give one a try! I decided to practice multiplication and loved the look of this cute penguin jumping game.

This math website covers all kinds of elementary math concepts but also includes practice for language arts, geography, spelling, and typing. Pretty cool.

2. Khan Academy

Math Levels: 3rd-12th+ (basic math through Calculus III) plus ACT & SAT Prep!
My Favorite Thing: videos galore, easy-to-navigate

Growing in popularity around the world, the Khan Academy is full of helpful videos explaining all sorts of math topics (they have videos on other school subjects too).

When you login (free forever, they say!) you see a home screen and your child can even take a math pre-test to see where he/she is starting.

From there, you can browse their video library.

For math, they cover topics starting around 3rd grade and go through tough subjects such as Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Test Prep, Differential Equations, and more.

There are numerous other neat features about this ever-growing and ever-improving top 10 math website (well, more than just math).

We highly encourage parents to explore this site and see how they can use it to their advantage!

Here is a snap shot of what the Khan Academy’s videos look like:


1. Patrick JMT

Math Levels: 3rd-12th+ (arithmetic through Calculus)
My Favorite Thing: videos galore, easy-to-navigate

The “JMT” in Patrick JMT stands for “Just Math Tutorials.” Math, math, and more math.

Similar to #2 Khan Academy, this top 10 math website has clear math videos on tons of topics. Scroll down their home page, it’s amazing!

The reason I decided to rank Patrick JMT higher than the famous Khan Academy is the fact that the background of the videos is more clear and visually appealing (see above image) in my opinion. Khan Academy’s black background is swapped for a whitish yellow paper background and the writing is done by hand with a pen, so it is a bit more clear than the online pen tool of Khan Academy.

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Make sure to click the link and check out our latest article!

The # 1 reason your student is/will struggle in math!

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