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The Ways We Lie Essay Analysis

Summary: Analyzes the essay, "The Ways We Lie" by Stephanie Ericsson. Discusses the logic behind Ericsson's argument on why people lie. Explores her tone and the clarity of her ideas.

"The Ways We Lie" by Stephanie Ericsson captured my thoughts with the full descriptions and personal examples given. Her essay explains the various lies told daily by most people. Being dishonest is a cover-up for pain, hurt, guilt, and/or ignorance. But what about the untruths told to move forward in life? Not all lies are intentionally told to hurt people. There are necessary times when dishonesty is the best decision for all parties involved. As a part of Ericsson's essay, she did not address this point. She, basically, gave various lies that people tell on a regular basis. By not explaining why people lie has a negative affect on the reader and her essay. She did not completely explain her logic and arguments.

The essay provides numerous facts, quotes, opinions, and examples to the reader. This, somewhat, clarifies possible questions from the opposition and forces the reader...

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The Ways We Lie Argument Essay

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Lies have been around for as long as people have been. We all lie, whether it is to protect someone we love of to cover up something we don’t want others to know about, it is still lying, and we all do it everyday. Lying has become the new normal for our modern society, so much so, that some of us have lost our morals completely. It is just so much easier and quicker to just lie to someone than to tell the truth, and now you can never tell who is lying to you or who is telling the truth. People use to have morals about lying and many people would feel bad about it and teach their children to never lie, but now in today’s society they just pop out of our mouths like they're nothing. We will never stop lying because it’s easier to live a lie…show more content…

We believe it because it is in a local or national magazine, and we think that no one would try to lie to that many people at once. As children we are taught to not question the things that adults tell us. We are suppose to just believe what they tell us and we are not to question our parents or our teachers. As we grow older and wiser though, we learn that our parents and teachers lie just like everyone else and that not everyone tells the truth. Even the presidents lie, like Bill Clinton when he tried to hide his affair with another woman. Because of his life he was impeached by the House of Representatives and he lost the trust of an entire nation with one lie. As we grow we learn that our lives can affect other people and maybe even hurt them, and most of all that lying can cause people to lose their trust in us. We will never be able to eliminate lying from our society because it makes our lives easier; it is just easier to tell a lie. We will always want to hide things from our friends, and parents and add those little things to our stories that make our lives sound better and more interesting. It is a little scary how use to lying that we have become and how easily that we will believe these lies. We will always want to lie or even need to lie and it will always be

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