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Car Rental Business Plan Essays On Friendship

Essay about Business Plan for a Car Wash

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1.1 Business Description
Modern people are very busy and they often neglect to clean their cars, and sometimes the limited living space also is the problem for the people who want to clean their car but they do not have space to clean their car, especially in Taiwan. Therefore, the car wash shops are increasing quickly, and people are happy to send their cars there. In Taiwan, hand-washing cars is more popular, because the customers think using hands to wash is softer. It does not damage the pain of the cars, and it is a luxury way to take care their cars.

Kevin Car Wash (¨‘KCW) business is a newly established car washing company located in the city of Kaoshung, in the south of Taiwan. ¨‘KCW was established to…show more content…

¡¤ The need to have a fairly constant volume of business to support the necessary service staff.
1.4.3 Opportunities
¡¤ Participation within a steadily growing industry.
¡¤ A high likelihood of repeat business.
¡¤ The ability to decrease the fixed costs as a percentage of an individual sale as volume increases.

1.4.4 Threats
¡¤ Future/ potential competition from a franchised firm.
¡¤ A slump in the economy, reducing discretionary spending.
¡¤ The perception that there is not a difference in quality between a hand and machine wash.
1.5 Business Objectives
1.5.1 Financial Objectives
Long Term
¡¤ Develop efficiencies in the delivery of the service through advanced training and work-flow analysis.
¡¤ Achieve a double d Achieve a double digit growth rate each year for at least the first three years.

Short Term
¡¤ To maintain our budgets being stable.
¡¤ Increase the profit margin by .5% a quarter.

1.5.2 Strategic Objectives
Long Term
The single objective is to position ¨‘KCW as the premier automobile hand washing company in the area, steady increasing market share. The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness, develop a customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty.
The message that ¨‘KCW will seek to communicate is that their hand washes are superior to the machine washed alternatives that can actually cause harm to cars. This message

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